The UN Security Council approved last December the resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security

Youth and youth organizations involved in peacebuilding see their role in peace processes gain relevance.

The training will take place in Georgia, from 03rd to 11th February 2018.

The role of youth work in peacebuilding and social transformation


The training will take place in Georgia, from 03rd to 11th February 2018. It will involve 3 youth workers from Finland, Estonia, France, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova and Belarus. For Finnish participants we will open the call for application in September and select the participants in early November.

The UN Security Council approved last December the resolution 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security, to recognize the role of youth in building sustainable peace and to lay out the need for governments and other stakeholders to support young people in this role. With this resolution, youth and youth organizations involved in peacebuilding see how their role in official or grassroots peace processes gain relevance and importance, but also their responsibility is bigger.

At this stage it is crucial for youth and youth organizations to be as effective as possible when running peacebuilding initiatives by establishing cross cutting participatory activities that guarantee and enhance not only their own participation, but also other groups of people and relevant stakeholders. Therefore, developing the competences of youth workers and youth organizations to design, plan and implement peacebuilding activities with a special focus on participation will contribute to a better intervention at all societal level.

The training course “Peace from the Grassroots” will provide intensive one week training for 24 youth workers from 8 countries to improve their skills and provide them practical tools to empower young people to explore their own understanding of conflict and how to establish interventions based on participation to contribute to the transformation of conflicts in which violence is already happening.

The aim of the Training Course is to empower youth workers to take an active role in transforming conflicts at all levels, from organizational to local and international level, with a special focus on participatory processes.

Therefore, a basic introduction into peace and transformation theories will set the starting point to analyse conflicts. Based on this introduction, the participants will share their realities, focusing in the role of youth in their context and will find a space to set up new initiatives and follow up initiatives and projects.

A variety of educational tools and methods of non-formal learning and interactive participant oriented approaches as role plays, simulations, workshops, exercises and drama methods and presentations of different local peace local initiatives by the participants will be integral part of the training.

Learning how to develop and implement comprehensive peacebuilding initiatives and establishing follow-up activities, as well as reinforcing the capacities of the partner organizations in their community work are the main impacts the training aims to achieve.

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